Sepi Borhani

Sepi is a self-taught artist based in Toronto, Ontario with a background in Engineering; however, her lifelong passion for drawing and painting led her to make the bold decision to transition to a career in art.

Her artwork focuses on portraying women and celebrating their femininity, strength, emotions, and moods. She draws inspiration from diverse sources such as literature, music, and personal experiences to communicate the complexity of the human mind.

Her paintings depict highly charismatic women with serious expressions, often positioned within abstract landscapes, reflecting the depth and complexity of their inner lives.

Her work explores the connection between the heart and mind, and the feelings of love and belonging that heal the soul. Each painting reflects a particular period of her life and the emotions that accompany it.

Using a variety of media such as acrylic, ink, charcoal, and occasionally metal leaf, Sepi's recent paintings reflect a balance between realism and abstract elements.

Sepi hopes that viewers will perceive the energy that animates her figures and feel a connection to the range of emotions and perspectives that resonate with their own experiences.

She has worked as an art instructor in different schools and galleries.

Sepi accepts commission for original works of art. Price will depend on desired size and complexity of the work. 



2023- Online Show- "SHE" exhibition, Art-Fluent
2023- Online Show- "Woman Life Freedom" exhibition, Sahar. K. Boluki Art Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2022- Group Show, Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts, Canada
2022- Group Show, Mill Pond Gallery, Richmond Hill, Canada
2021- McMicheal Volunteer Committee, Toronto, Canada
2021- Summer Group Show, Blue Crow Gallery, Toronto Canada
2021- Summer Group show, Toronto Art Crawl, Toronto, Canada
2019- Group show, Arta Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2018- Tirgan, Toronto Centre for the Arts, Canada
2017- Group Exhibition, Community Centre, Richmond Hill, Canada