About The Artist

Sepi is a self-taught artist based in Toronto, Ontario with a background in Engineering; however, her love of art made her take a bold decision of transitioning her profession from Engineering to Art. She started building her art career since 2017. She uses Acrylic, ink, colored pencil on paper and canvas. Her recent artworks are acrylic paintings on canvas, mainly illustrating portraits of women communicating their inner mind and emotions rather than their mere visual beauty. Her works explore the interaction between the detailed realism of the portrait and the abstract.

 She presented her artworks at Toronto Centre for the Arts, Arta Gallery and Blue Craw Gallery in Toronto Downtown. She also takes on a role as an art instructor teaching young children. 

Sepi accepts commission for original works of art. Price will depend on desired size and complexity of the work. Commissioned artwork cannot be returned.

Sepide- Arta Gallery