Join our creative classes and workshops to improves your skills and explore your talent.

In-Person Kids and Teens classes

Class Content: we will explore various artistic techniques and creative projects tailored to enhance your child’s artistic skills and imagination.

Subjects and Techniques: Our curriculum will cover a range of captivating subjects and techniques, including but not limited to Cartoons, Landscape, Still Life, Portraiture, and Abstract Art &…

Techniques: Drawing, Watercolor Painting, Acrylic painting, Mixed Media & …

Fees may be prorated to join after the start of the session.

At the end of the Summer term, I’ve decided to arrange a show of students’ artworks at the gallery.

Your Child’s Creative Journey:
“I am enthusiastic about the artistic growth and exploration that will take place during these spring classes. Your child’s unique perspective and creativity will be nurtured, and we’ll embark on exciting artistic endeavours together.”

In-Person Adults Classes

Class Content: This class is designed to enhance students’ drawing and painting skills. In our sessions, students work individually on their own projects while receiving personalized “mentorship-style” instruction. Depending on your interests, you can explore:

Covering a diverse range of topics, from still life to landscape and portrait drawing. We emphasize essential skills such as perspective, lighting and 3-D shapes. Our program is tailored to elevate your abilities, empowering you to create captivating works of art.

Watercolor/ Acrylic Painting:
Students will progress from fundamental techniques to advanced levels, aligned with their current skills and artistic aspirations. They learn how to mix paints for the right tones and master brush strokes to paint landscapes, portraits, still life, and more.

Students are encouraged to bring their own reference photos.

Online Classes for Teens & Adults

I am offering private online classes  to art lovers of all experience levels!

I will transparently share my process, tools, and techniques with you in a customizable class.

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